Delectable Japanese Cuisine - Zentan - Washington, DC, 20005
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Omakase and Happy Hour DC Style

Fall Class Series

Join us here at Zentan Restaurant with Our Lead Bartender, Matt Allred and Executive Chef, Yo Matsuzaki will be your hosts and guide you through things like sushi art, cocktail wizardry, and edible demos; all with a dash of humor and cultural history! Each class is $40 per person and includes cocktails, take-aways, and a chance to nab a seat for dinner or a drink on the roof. Tickets available here.

  • Bottled Cocktails: September 19th, 2-4pm  Matt will be showing guests how to bottle his Thomas Circle Fizz, a fresh coconut and bottled cocktail pairing that is available on the rooftop, and a seasonal bottled Fizz.
  • Oktoberfest Class: October 17th –  pairings of Kabocha recipes and fall beers. Japanese ingredient that can be paired really well with the beers of this season.
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Cocktails: November 21st – Fun classics like Hot Butter Rum along with some unique spins on classics like his Fuji’s First Harvest cocktail.
  • Japanese New Year Bento Box: December 19th – . Classic Japanese New Year celebrations include really extravagant bento boxes. Chef Yo will show some techniques on how to make one of these and each guest will get their own bento box to take home with them.

Happy Hour

Let’s Be Social. Don’t limit your happy. Join us for social hour, Monday - Friday from 3pm-7pm. Check out our offerings here.

Japanese Whiskies Take Flight

For the first time ever in history, Japan has unseated Scotland in its reign supreme over fine whiskies. Come taste through flights, including Japanese single malts. Full offering here.

Join Zentan and Chef Yo Matsuzaki for a unique dining experience each week. Translated as “I’ll leave it to you,” the five-to-eight-course omakase menu has included dishes like slow braised foie gras wrapped in napa cabbage and shio koji marinated fish, with many items shipped live to the restaurant from Japan’s famous Tsukiji Market. Space is limited to seatings for groups of up to 5 diners at our bustling sushi bar ($65/person) or private seatings for groups of up to 10 in an intimate area of the restaurant ($90/person). Options for Beverage Pairing start at $60/person.

For reservations and availability, call 202-521-1414 or email Katie Miller.